Drupal Commerce
Integrating your Drupal Commerce store with Og Checkout services allows you to accept payments on your Drupal Commerce store with simple installation. You can accept payments via Debit & Credit Card, & ATM Cards. The plugin offers seamless integration, allowing the customer to pay on your website with a high secure PCI compliance hosted environment and work across all browsers and ensures compatibility with the below versions of Drupal.

Compatibilities and Dependencies

    Drupal 8.9.x (or) higher
    Drupal Commerce v2.19 (or) higher
Note: Drupal 7 module works on only v7.5 to v.7.72 of Drupal 7.


There are two methods to install the Og Checkout Payment Module
Caution: Always keep backup of your website including databases, before installing a new module.

1. Installation via Drupal module installer

Step 1: Go to Modules Section from Administration
1.1 Click on "Install new module"
1.2 Upload Og Checkout Module from the downloaded zip file.
Step 2: Go to Site settings >> Modules and switch on "Commerce OgCheckout
Step 2: Go to Store settings >> Payment methods >> Enable Og Checkout Module
Step 4: Edit Og Checkout Module
Step 5: Configure Your Keys & Credentials

2. Installation via manually through FTP & Follow the process from above Step 2.


If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help doc, please feel free email us at [email protected]
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